Your Support is Crucial

Donors are vital to Young Life at the local area and regional levels. Because Young Life areas are financially supported solely at the local level, donors’ financial gifts account for all of an area's budget and part of a region's budget. Your donation helps areas hire and train staff and provide essential administrative support to the area. Your contributions also support operating expenses such as salaries and other ministry costs and can help send kids to Young Life camps.

Our Vision

We are committed to introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grown in their faith.

Your Support

We believe that in order to reach students, we must go where they go and enter their world. Every week at U of O, Young Life staff and volunteers can be found on campus, at practices, and at students' favorite hangouts. In many cases, they are the only adult friends students have in their lives. Our work could not be done without your support. We are grateful for your gift to Young Life College. Thank you for all you do to help us reach generations of students who desperately need to hear a message of hope. ​​​

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