Why Young Life College

60-80% of adolescents abandon their walk with Jesus in their college years. The need for an outreach college ministry is surprisingly clear as soon as we take a look at the state of college students today. 

Only 1 in 5 college aged students who were once involved in a ministry organization claim to have an active faith in Jesus Christ. The statistics are alarming, yet the reality of what these statistics mean is sorrowful. The world of college students is filled with selfishness, loneliness, and addication.

Tens of thousands of college aged students have experienced Jesus through Young Life during their middle school and high school years; they are looking for a way to continue that during their college years!

With many Young Life leaders enrolled in the classes themselves, Young Life has a unique ability to serve college campuses.
These students are desperately seeking to answer three critical questions: 
Who am I? Where do I belong? Why am I here?
Young Life College exists so Jesus himself can answer these questions. 


Young Life University of Oregon | 417 E 13th Ave Eugene, OR 97401-4217

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